What Turns Women Off Men?: A Guide For Men

Why are some men just so unsuccessful in love? Why do other men have one date after another with little success as the expected love life continues to be one big snafu?
Fear not as a thorough understanding of just what turns women off men will act as a clarion call for men everywhere to ensure that they do not leave the game of love empty handed.
So aside from lying, being rude, body odour and showing off, what turns women off men?
What Turns Women Off Men?
1. Body Odour. Perhaps the primary turn-off for any woman is male body odour, otherwise known as B.O. A dapper sense of dress coupled with an effervescent personality pales into insignificance should a woman be repelled by a smell more neurotic than the proverbial corpse. Shower gel and deodorant come cheap nowadays.
2. Yellow Teeth: Admittedly queues to see the dentist are longer than Al Capone’s rap sheet. Nevertheless, smiles count for much and should a man’s cheesy grin be backed up by teeth as yellow as…well, cheese, then expect women everywhere to turn away. Gold teeth are also a big no-no.
3. Lying: Women may view talking as a man’s means of catharsis, and a bit of ebullience followed by exaggeration does no harm. However, telling her about that imaginary Lamborghini, or that make-believe yacht does. Unless of course they actually do exist!
4. Jumping The Gun: It is the first date, if not the second. Everything is going emollient and smooth, surely nothing could possibly go wrong? Alas, the man starts talking about marriage, staying over at “hers” and “meeting the parents”. Bad mistake as few things rile a woman more than a man who jumps the gun.
5. Swearing: A man’s syntax is very important and should his interlocutor be none other than the “dream woman”, then swearing ought to be kept to an absolute minimum. Better still, use colloquialisms. Rudeness and sly remarks should also be jettisoned.
6. Not Getting The Hint: When a woman says that she is tired, then it’s time to leave. If she laconically insists she is unsure, then get the hint.
7. Bad Table Manners: Eating with a mouthful, spitting, irregular drinking patterns, spilling the gravy, sassy and sententious attitudes to waiters and fellow diners. Sound familiar? No wonder why some men are single. Women see bad table manners as an absolute turn-off.
8. Forgetting Her Name: Is it Sasha, Melanie, Lesley, Tina, Shreena, Nicole or Lady Gaga? Forgotten already? Dear-oh-dear. Never forget her name.
9. Bad Sense Of Dress: Few women expect their men to dress like Johnny Depp, or Orlando Bloom. However, what women cannot tolerate are torn-up, battered jeans, staid shirts, or even worse, a clown-like, kaleidoscopic jumper with pizza stains and skid marks. Being iconoclastic is good but it must be done within the realms of sanity. Unless of course men are infatuated by rejection.
10. Showing Off: There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence and women are excellent at judging the subtleties. Alas, it goes without saying that a profound dose of confidence is attractive, but an even more profound dose of arrogance is about as attractive as Homer Simpson on speed. Especially if the bragga docio is compounded by a poor sense of dress. Men everywhere have been warned.
11. Bad Breath: Two words: Murray Mints!
12. Farting, Sniffing and Spitting: If these require further explanation then stop dating and stay single.
13. Insulting A Woman’s Insecurities: Whether women are more sensitive than men is a moot point. However, what a woman will not tolerate is explicit opprobrium, or, an insensitive remark about her weight and looks. Perhaps the surest way to end a date hopeless!
14. Men Who Stalk Women: The type of man who checks up the woman’s profile, scours her list of friends and sends late night voice messages is bound to be the same man who drives that woman away. Men with stalking habits tend to always be single. No prizes for guessing why.
Dating Tips For Men
It is imperative that a woman be impressed by her date and should any of the above vices be noted, then the chances of success for men looking for love will be drastically diminished.
Dating is a tricky game, however, if done correctly, it can lead to much happiness and inner-joy. So men everywhere, don’t forget to dress well, ditch the swear words and splash on the aftershave.